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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Beezer Artists and their Creations

Tom Bannister : Pop, Dick and Harry
Leo Baxendale : The Banana Bunch
Gordon Bell
Paddy Brennan
Bill Hill : The Banana Bunch, Roly Poly,
Ken Hunter: Mick on the Moon, The Jellymen, General Jim,
Bill Holroyd : The Voyage of the Bushwacker
David Law : Cap'n Hand
Joe McCaffrey
Tom Paterson
Bill Ritchie : Baby Crockett, Smiffy, Dicky Burd
Dudley D. Watkins : Ginger
Malcolm Judge : The Numskulls, The Badd Lads
Bob McGrath : Ginger
Hugh Morkey : Calamity Jane
George Martin : The Hillys and the Billys, Young Sid,
Bob McGrath: Ginger
James Walker: Kings of Castaway Island

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who the hell's "Hugh Morkey"? It was Hugh Morren who drew Calamity Jane.