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Friday, 15 November 2013

The Numskull's Early Years

Sean Wilkie writes:

Rude of me to ask, as I was a Topper boy myself, but I’m very keen to see some of Malcolm Judge’s earliest work on the Numskulls.  This is for love, but also possibly for research, as I am a philosopher with an interest in models of how the mind works.  Are there any sympathetic Beezer fans who would be willing to email me photo files of any Numskulls strips from the 1960s, particularly 1962, 1963 or 1964?  Anyone who assists me will receive acknowledgement and thanks if any written work comes out of it,  

Very many thanks if you can in any way help,


The Numskulls, drawn by the excellent Mal Judge ran from 17.03.1962 and I do actually have a Numskull strip from the first year (18th August 1962). The layout of the strip is most interesting; see the way it runs at right angle along the top and bottom of the page around the Ginger strip.
If anyone out there has any more strips of the Numskulls that could be passed on to Sean please email Simon