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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Social History through 'The Beezer' No 2 : Tripe

Our Man from 'The Numskulls' serves himself 'Tripe and Onions' from a canteen in 1968.
Could you get Tripe and Onions from any canteen in Britain these days? I very much doubt it. Definitely food from the past and a dish I would never want to see served before me.I can't remember ever having eaten this stuff though I remember my Mother saying that she gave it to us on at least a couple of occasions.
'What is tripe?' I hear many of you younger readers ask. It's truly revolting stuff: the rubbery lining of the stomach of cattle or other ruminants, white and gooey, the stuff of nightmares.
The Numskulls would have had one hell of a job shovelling this fodder down Our Man's hatch.

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Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy tripe and onions - with white sauce