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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ken Davies from Penmon sent me this E-mail:

Thanks for an excellent site which has brought back many happy memories of my weekly 'Beezer Day' - the day the comic dropped through our letter box. The papers were always late on Beezer Day - I suspect the delivery boy was having a free read - and who could blame him?
Why can't comics like The Beezer still be around? Who could ever forget The Numskulls? These little chaps were way ahead of their time - fantastic idea - little people controlling your every move, controlled from within little compartments in your head? Simple idea but so effective - telescopes behind the eyes, spades used to shovel food down the hatch, and many others.......
Was Colonel Blink a fore-runner of Captain Mainwairing in Dad's Army?
Pop Dick and Harry - the twins - did they eventually drive their father to early grave?
I applaud your comments about 'tripe' - I actually quite enjoyed it - that was when I thought it was a type of fish though - once the truth came out, my 'personal' Numskulls had no more bother with it.
The names just remain in my memory - Baby Crockett, The Badd Lads, Ginger etc. Oh to have those days back again - or at least The Beezer back again. Wish I had the foresight to keep some / all my copies - thanks to your site, however many of these memories have returned.
Keep up the good work

Ken Davies

Ken has his own website with a special nostalgia page on


Simon Mackie said...

I never associated Colonel Blink with Captain Mainwairing although I can see the similarities. I always thought he was a rip off of Mr Magoo. 'Now who came first; Magoo or Blink?' I hear you ask. Although Colonel Blink first appeared in 1958, Mr Magoo was created at the UPA animation studio in 1949.
The Beezer did eventually rip off Dad's Army in a strip called Barney's Barmy Army that ran from Feb 1971 - Jan 1974

James Spiring said...

lol, the Numskulls are still around - Ken should buy the Beano!